What Does will disputes Mean?

one. to argue against or deny. I'm not disputing Everything you say. betwyfel, redetwis يُجادِل، يَناقِش споря contestar namítat, popírat bestreiten bestride; drage i tvivl αμφισβητώ, αρνούμαιdiscutir vastu vaidlema مورد تردید قرار دادن kiistää contester לְהִתְנָגֵד לְ- विवाद करना prepirati se, raspravljati (meg)vitat, kétségbe von menyangkal, membantah deila; mótmæla mettere in discussione 異議を唱える 논박하다 ginčyti apstrīdēt sangkal bestrijdenbestridekwestionować منكر كېدل: ردېدل: جنګېدل contestar a con­testa оспаривать popierať spodbijati opovrgavati ifrågasolineätta โต้เถียง karşı çıkmak 反駁,否認 перечити; заперечувати حجّت کرنا tranh luận 对...提出质疑

3 stretches of land borders with Timor-Leste have nevertheless for being delimited, two of that are within the Oecussi exclave region, and no maritime or Financial Exclusion Zone boundaries have already been founded involving the international locations; maritime boundaries with Indonesia continue being unresolved; in 2007, Australia and Timor-Leste signed a fifty-year enhancement zone and earnings sharing settlement in lieu of the maritime boundary

The dispute needs to be a created letter detailing why you dilemma the validity or quantity of the credit card debt. All disputes needs to be submitted by mail or in man or woman at your local VA Medical Middle.

dispute with Tanzania about the boundary in Lake Nyasa (Lake Malawi) along with the meandering Songwe River; Malawi contends that the whole lake up on the Tanzanian shoreline is its territory, while Tanzania promises the border is in the center of your lake; the conflict was reignited in 2012 when Malawi awarded a license to some British enterprise for oil exploration while in the lake

Dispute resolution is the entire process of resolving disputes involving events. The expression dispute resolution might also be made use of interchangeably with conflict resolution, wherever conflict kinds can be used for different eventualities.

contact - obstacle (any individual) for making excellent on an announcement; cost with or censure for an offense; "He warrants to be referred to as on that"

Find out more about putting a freeze with your credit rating report to prevent lenders from accessing your TransUnion credit report completely, which will reduce them from extending credit history.

the position on the Gaza Strip is really a closing standing situation to generally be fixed by negotiations; Israel taken off settlers and military services staff from Gaza Strip in September 2005

given that China and India introduced a security and overseas plan dialogue in 2005, consolidated discussions related to the dispute around most in their rugged, militarized boundary, regional nuclear proliferation, Indian statements that China transferred missiles to Pakistan, and other issues keep on

As a result one of the most vexatious and violent disputes would generally arise concerning the fishermen, ended up there not some composed or unwritten, common, undisputed legislation applicable to all conditions.

capable of be argued about. Whether or not this alteration was an enhancement is disputable. aanvegbaar, onseker, betwisbaar قابِل للمُناقَشَه спорен discutível sporný bestreitbar diskutabel αμφισβητήσιμοςdiscutible vaieldav قابل بحث؛ بحث انگیز riidanalainen discutable שנוי במחלוקת विवा‍दित, विवादास्पद sporan, osporiv vitatható diragukan vafasamur, umdeilanlegur discutibile 議論の余地のある 논쟁의 여지가 있는 ginčytinas diskutējams; apstrīdams boleh disangkal betwistbaardiskutabel, omtvisteligotwarty, nie rozstrzygnięty دجګړې وړ discutível discutabil спорный sporný, diskutabilný sporen sporan diskutabel ที่โต้แย้งได้ tartışmaya açık, münakaşa götürür 可爭論的,有爭議性的 спірний, дискусійний متنازعہ شے có thể gây bàn cãi 可争论的,可商榷的

In 2007, Australia and Timor-Leste agreed to a fifty-12 months advancement zone and click income sharing arrangement and deferred a maritime boundary; Australia asserts land and maritime statements to Antarctica; Australia's 2004 submission for the Commission on the Limits on the Continental Shelf extends its continental margins over 3.37 million sq. kilometers, growing its seabed about 30 per cent outside of here its claimed EEZ; all borders in between Indonesia and Australia are arranged bilaterally, but a 1997 treaty that might settle the final in their maritime and EEZ boundary has however for being ratified by Indonesia's legislature; Indonesian groups challenge Australia's assert to Ashmore Reef; Australia shut elements of the Ashmore and Cartier reserve to Indonesian standard fishing

dormant disputes consist of Libyan promises of about 32,000 sq km nevertheless mirrored on its maps of southeastern Algeria plus the FLN's assertions of a assert to Chirac Pastures in southeastern Morocco; many Chadian rebels from the Aozou region reside in southern click Libya

in 2006, China and Tajikistan pledged to start demarcation with the revised boundary agreed to during the delimitation of 2002; talks keep on with Uzbekistan to delimit border and take away minefields; disputes in Isfara Valley hold off delimitation with Kyrgyzstan

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